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We are Independent Experts Providing Property Valuations

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About HPC

HPC Property Group Pty Ltd was established to provide independent residential, commercial and  industrial valuations and real estate advice with regard to high quality report standards and professional  service which you can count on to deliver a valuation you can trust.

The Business has been meeting the valuation needs of a range of clients including corporate, institutional, government and private, as a result we have a great reputation due to the highly experienced ethical and independent professionals who focus on the requirements of our clients.

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What We Do

HPC Property Group offer a variety of valuation related matters that include:


Transfer Duty, Capital Gains Taxation, Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF), and Deeds of Partition

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Asset & Financial Reporting 

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Easements and 

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Unit Entitlement (UE) Apportionment Matters

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Family Law, Litigation proceedings, Probate, and Surety ‘Bailment’
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Rental Assessments & Determinations

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Land Tax Review Matters

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Want to know how we can help with your valuation?

Professional & Reliable Property Valuation In Sydney

Whether you are a buyer who is looking to acquire new property or a seller who wants to know the appropriate market price of his property, it is essential that you consult reliable property valuers in Sydney beforehand. It is not uncommon for property owners to state sky-high prices by mentioning reasons such as construction quality and other additional features. In such cases, property valuation companies like HPC Property Group Pty Ltd can help buyers know the actual worth of the property. Also, if you are a seller who is unsure about the appropriate sale price of your property, then professional property valuers in Sydney can simplify the task for you.

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Why Choose HPC Property Group Pty Ltd?

HPC Property Group Pty Ltd is one of the leading property valuation companies in Sydney. It is our mission to provide independent residential, commercial and industrial property valuations in Sydney that are professional and affordable. We have worked with numerous corporate, institutional, government, as well as private clients and have earned a trustworthy reputation, thanks to our high-quality standards and strategic approach.

We have nearly 20 years of experience in house property and commercial property valuations in Sydney, and our expertise allows us to provide our clients with satisfactory services that are beneficial. Our cost for property valuation is reasonable too.

What Do We Offer?

HPC Property Group is the one-stop destination for all your property valuation needs in Sydney.

We offer a number of services including:


Financial & Asset Reporting:

A set of financial statements has three sections, namely assets, liabilities and equity. Assets are items that are owned by the company with the expectation of gaining financial benefits in the future through enhanced purchasing power, revenue generation or cash receipts. It is necessary for companies to keep track of their assets, such as intangible and current assets. Our financial and asset reporting services are unmatched and hard to find anywhere else in Sydney.

Pre-Sale Advice:

If you're considering selling your property, our experienced team will help you with the pre-sales process that will make sure you get the right value for your property. It is important to provide the potential buyers with a clear and precise vision of the property to convert the prospects into buyers.

Moreover, it is important to consider the expectations and demands of the market to ensure that the property is in demand. Creating a sense of urgency and efficient marketing help create genuine hype about the property.

Real Estate Advice:

We help our clients by offering genuine advice and insights such as buyer's demands and comparing rates and trends. If you are a first-time homebuyer or home seller, we will guide you throughout the process and make the entire process as stress-free as possible.

Our other services include help with transfer duty & capital gains taxation, probate, bail, matrimonial settlements & family law matters, unit entitlement/ strata subdivision assessments and much more.

Client Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our team of professionals focus on the requirements of the clients and go the extra mile to ensure that our services meet and exceed their expectations when it comes to different services including property valuations in Sydney. We have undertaken valuations across all asset classes, including development feasibility assessments and also provide expert advice to numerous metropolitan councils. Our team has undertaken portfolio valuations for various State Government departments.


Get In Touch With Us

HPC Property Group Pty Ltd is the only place you will need to visit for all your house and commercial property valuation needs in Sydney. We are one of the top property valuation companies in Sydney. You can reach out to us for any kind of real estate advice. Our cost for property valuation is very competitive. Our passionate and friendly team is always eager to address all your queries. They will provide genuine answers to your questions. You can reach out to us by filling out the form on our website, by giving us a call at 02 9705 0546 or writing to us at

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What our Clients have to Say

Chris from HPC has provided us with an exceptional  level of service in valuing properties as part of a complex development proposal. We found him to be prompt, knowledgeable courteous and understanding of our needs and he took time to explain the outcomes. A big thank you Chris! 

Stella A.

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Who do we work with?

HPC Property Group Pty Ltd undertakes property consultancy and valuations for and on behalf of a range of clients including corporate, institutional, government and private; our below key clients:







Religious Groups

Government Authorities

Contact us to schedule a FREE Consultation.

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