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Easements & 

Easements & Compensation

What is an easement? The legal definition of an easement is the right to cross or otherwise use a portion of someone else’s land even though they are not the owner of that specific land. The easement must be in favour of a particular parcel of land, unless it is in favour of the Crown, a public body or a Local Authority.

 Examples of Easements

  • Right of way

  • Drainage Easement

  • Easement For Support

  • Easement for Overhanging Eaves

  • Easement for Light & Air

  • Easement for Transmission Lines

It is essential to sight the precise terms of the easement. For example, some drainage easements restrict the right to build over them, to plant trees, etc. Property value may be affected by restriction on the use of the land resulting from the easement. On the contrary if the property has the right to use another’s land, this is typically a benefit and might increase the value of the property.

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