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Private Property

Pre-purchase / Acquisition & 
Pre-sale / Disposition

Most people have an attraction to property and a genuine interest; however, consideration is essential. As property valuers value property on a regular basis, they are acquainted with the market and can supply you with a negotiation tool, whether it would be to sell or purchase a property. This gives you the confidence needed to make the right decision.

A pre-purchase or a pre-sale valuation provides an estimate of the value of a property taking all local market factors into consideration. This includes market factors that contribute to the value of the property, such as market conditions, demand and supply of similar properties, economic conditions and other factors which may have an impact on marketability and value of the property. HPC has access to some of the market leading databases and sources to help you determine the correct purchase or sale decision.

We specialise in providing such valuations for single residential holdings, commercial, industrial, retail or any another specialised property asset including plant and equipment, HPC Property Group can assist with providing qualified market advice and relevant valuations to compliment your purchasing or selling goals.

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