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Unit Entitlement (UE) Apportionment Matters

Empowering Strata Scheme Owners - Expert Unit Entitlement Valuations in Sydney

Unit Entitlements determine the proportion of ownership a lot holder carries in the whole of a development, including common areas. They quantify both the legal and financial rights and obligations of property owners within a strata or neighborhood title development. 

In order to comply with the Strata Titles Act, a licensed valuer must be engaged to complete what is known as a Form 3 document, which outlines the unit entitlement for each lot. Given the unit entitlement can have a direct impact on your voting rights and also the proportion of costs you incur, it is important to engage a suitably qualified valuer like HPC Property Pty Ltd.


Unit entitlements help distinguish accurate entitlement within a strata scheme. It is essential to obtain a unit entitlement property valuation for paying the accurate fees when owning a unit in a larger strata scheme. Even though the unit is a part of a strata scheme, the owner is responsible for the maintenance of his portion. It is important to have a valuer investigate internal and external factors as the number of fees and maintenance costs are dependent on the condition and size of unit entitlement.

What Makes Us Special?

At HPC Property Pty Ltd, our team of industry experts are specialists in the field of unit entitlement valuations. We provide an accurate report in a timely manner, and our customer service is unmatched. In case you are dealing with unit entitlement for the first time, our team will go above and beyond to ensure that you are fully informed and understand the report. We keep the report clear and concise and help you know the correct portions delegated to you within a strata scheme. 

We Simplify Unit Entitlements For You!


Being one of the leading unit entitlement valuation companies in Sydney, we believe in simplifying things rather than overcomplicating them with obscure terms. Unit entitlement valuations are needed during the creation of a strata scheme. Also, they are integral when the existing strata scheme needs an adjusted entitlement sheet due to new developments. In order to avoid issues in such cases, maintaining a fair and accurate unit entitlement valuation is beneficial in the long term. 

Experienced & Trustworthy

With nearly 20 years of experience in unit entitlement valuations, you can rely on us and be guaranteed that you will get a massive bang for your buck. Our team consists of licensed professionals who have the experience and qualifications to provide unit entitlement valuations that are accepted by government bodies. Our clients include solicitors, conveyancers, schools, developers, accountants, schools and all kinds of corporate, institutional, government and private clients. Our team of professionals understand the requirements of our clients and work closely by providing insights and expert advice. 


Along with unit entitlement evaluations, we also provide all kinds of services like real estate advice & consultancy, insurance assessments & determinations, financial & asset reporting, and pre-purchase & pre-sale advice. We also provide help with probate, bail, matrimonials & family law matters, transfer duty & capital gains taxation. We highly value the privacy of our clients and never disclose your personal information to third parties. We use your valuable feedback to improve the quality of our services.


Connect With Us

HPC Property Group Pty Ltd is the one-stop destination for unit entitlement valuations in Sydney. You can connect with us if you require a unit entitlement valuation. Our very experienced team is always eager to provide genuine answers to your queries. You can reach out to us by filling out the form on our website, giving us a call at 02 9705 0546 or writing to us at Let HPC Property Group Pty Ltd assist with your valuation today!

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